Jesse looked at the annual report and shook his head. His popular fly-fishing guide company was suffering, and he didn’t know what to do.

 “Our customers just haven’t been catching much of anything lately. We only have two trips booked this month!” he complained to Lucy, his business partner. “We used to be able to guarantee a full day of excitement on the river. But these days, it’s been nothing but bad luck. I’ve never known the fishing to be so poor. Even the other guide companies are suffering.”

Lucy frowned. She’d spent her childhood catching record-breaking trout in the streams and rivers in the area and was one of Jesse’s best fishing guides. She also had noticed that the fishing wasn’t as good as it used to be.

“Maybe if it has to do with that old mine upstream…. Or the herbicide they’ve been spraying the last few years… Or last winter’s storm that took down the power lines next to the stream,” Lucy wondered. “Jesse, do you think it’s a strange natural cycle in the fish population?”

“No, it isn’t just some natural cycle. I have to find out what’s causing the fish to disappear, or we’re going out of business!”

“I know someone who could help us!” exclaimed Lucy. “I have a friend at Oregon State University who studies chemical effects on fish. Her name is Dr. RobynTanguay.”

Your Task:

Follow Dr. Tanguay and solve the mystery of the disappearing fish. Help save Jesse and Lucy’s company!

Getting Started